King Pile Contractor

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1. The Rejuvenate Project

The conventional King Pile Piling Construction Company rebrands its appearance to have a dynamic, professional and engaging company image. This revitalized image is also an indication that King Pile has survived the unprecedented era and also succeeded in utilizing technology and qualified system management.

King Pile 01
King Pile 02
King Pile 04
King Pile 05

2. Dynamic in Red

Red represents Fearlessness and as it is carved into the dynamic graphic patterns, both convey a fresh concept that inspires us to always keep building up a keen and adequate company's image that stands out among the others.

King Pile 06
King Pile 07
King Pile 08
King Pile 09
King Pile 10

3. The Website

King Pile's website is all about simplicity, elegance, and conciseness. Furthermore, the focal point will be on King Pile's strengths and that is the prime priority of this website.

King Pile 12
King Pile 11
King Pile 13
King Pile 14