Aromatik International

Aromatik International is an Indonesian company engaging in perfumery and beauty industry. Starting as sub-distributor, they paved their way to becoming an authorized distributor for imported branded products in Indonesia, covering both B2B and B2C segments.

The Story

Despite just starting in 2018, Aromatik International consists of people that are seasoned in beauty and perfumery, making it possible for them to compete with its preceding competitors. They figured out that the challenge is to convince international brands about their capability. It is the reason they need a company profile book that can be a compelling showcase of their experience and portfolio.
With the big theme of “From Global to Local”, the copywriting focuses on Aromatik’ success in marketing BI-ES and Geparlys products in Indonesia through online and offline distribution channels. We also highlights Aromatik’s excellences in resources and facilities to ensure their clients about their capacity. The use of icons in some parts also help emphasize certain points to the readers.

Project Manager: Indrajaya
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designer: Erika
Account Executive: Fadilah
Timeline Manager: Claudia

The company profile book’s visual design aims to capture Aromatik’s professional side while also generate a look and feel that suit the beauty and perfumery industry, presented through clean design with neutral dominant colors, ample white spaces, and images that dominate the pages.
The soft graphics is inspired by the flow of perfume or other beauty products when being sprayed, representing the soft nature of perfume and beauty products. Its dynamic shape allows it to be applied in varying sizes and positions throughout the pages, adding artistic value to the design.