Bank Jatim 2022 Calendar

Bank Jatim is one of the largest regional banks in Indonesia. Overcoming the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, which demanded a digital transformation, Bank Jatim has enhanced its services to accelerate further in the digital era.

The Story

As Covid-19 pandemics continued to affect lifestyle in general throughout 2022, Bank Jatim planned to reintroduce their vast range of digital banking services to keep their customers informed about service options that suit their needs.
Calendar became one of the chosen media to communicate this. Therefore, we were tasked with creating 2022 calendar. The theme for this calendar design is digitalization, as it showcases all digital services offered by Bank Jatim.

Project Manager: Indrajaya
Creative Director: Melvin
Art Director: Johanna
Graphic Designer: Johanna, Rudi
Account Executive: Indrajaya, Fadilah
Timeline Manager: Claudia

We created four character designs: Prima-X, P-55, Baskara, and Safira. Prima-X is a small green robot who is lively and mischievous, yet intelligent and a technology enthusiast. With his ability to communicate and knowledge, he can easily explain the intricacies of Bank Jatim's digital banking services. P-55 is a friendly and kind-hearted gadget phone that serves as the source of Bank Jatim's digital banking services. P-55 is always ready to assist anyone with their digital transactions at Bank Jatim. Baskara is a modern and urban businessperson who is highly active. Due to his high mobility, time efficiency in banking activities is crucial for Baskara, and Bank Jatim is his steadfast companion no matter where he goes. Safira is a trendy and socially active Gen-Z woman. Being an active individual, Safira enjoys hanging out with her friends, making digital services that simplify her activities a necessity. Bank Jatim is the solution to all her needs.

The character designs are applied to the calendars—and other accompanying items—with illustration style that matches the vibe of digital era. We put together gradient colors, fluorescent effect, and supporting graphics that is related to technology.
The use of all these elements results in a fresh and modern visual for the calendar. In addition, this design style also gives off a new impression for Bank Jatim as a regional bank that can keep up with the advancement of the recent years.