Be Better Builder

Be Better Builder is a model kit and die-cast hobby brand focusing on providing the most comfortable building and painting experience through the products and services it offers.

The Story

As an aspiring beginner-friendly hobbyist’s choice brand, Be Better Builder is looking at a refreshed brand visual identity that builds a trusted and professional, yet approachable impression. For logotype, we picked a neat-looking typeface to convey professionality, with some curves that makes it look approachable. It is accompanied by a logomark that combines the shape of chat bubble and infinity symbol, representing the brand communicative trait and endless support for its customers.

The supergraphics design comes as a mix of block and outline style. Laid out in popping neon green color and the right amount of white space, these graphics give off modern and dynamic look to every application.

Project Manager: Indrajaya
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designer: Johanna, Rudi, Erika, Billy, Amel
Account Executive: Indrajaya, Fadilah
Timeline Manager: Claudia


The brand revamp was not only for Be Better Builder, but also for Acrylo, its water-based acrylic paint product. A logomark of the initial A within a circle offers simple and straightforward identity of Acrylo. The logotype is made of a typeface with curvy characteristics and customization that creates a fun look, a nod to painting as a fun activity for hobbyists to spend their leisure time

Despite of its emphasis on fun image, Acrylo is carefully designed not to lean too much towards the childish side to avoid looking unprofessional. As a result, its overall visual design can still go well together with the supergraphics of Be Better Builder as its parent brand.

The Story of Acrylo

Acrylo is meant to be an easier choice for painting; easier to apply, easier to clean, easier to find desired color swatches. The ultimate goal is to make the fun of model kit and die-cast painting accessible by everyone. Therefore, a fun visual identity is deemed suitable for Acrylo.