A new brand under Baba Rafi Enterprise, one of the largest F&B holding companies in Indonesia. Kebab-in is presented with a new concept & way of eating kebabs. They want to be the next-level Kebab.

The Story

The existence of kebabs, which have been loved by the Indonesian people for a long time, is the main reason our clients want to provide new things, new trends, and new flavors in the culinary world. We help Dikebab-in become something fresh especially in the world of kebab cuisine. The concept where everything can be made into kebabs, from fillings other than meat to using modern sauces that are trending.

We created a millennial, unique and appealing design. To make it even more different, we also innovated by making a new packaging model like a drawer so it’s easier while eating the kebab, this is not commonly used by kebab brands and making another version of the packaging where people can directly dip the kebab into the sauce.

Overall, we want to strengthen the brand image that suitable for the Millenials so Dikebab-in can be their good-to-go food wherever, whenever, and with anyone.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Melvin, Johanna, Jaklin, Rudi
Account Executive: Claudia

Booth & Environment

We design an outdoor booth and dine-in outlet with industrial, minimalist, and modern concepts. With many cafes with Tokyo minimalist and industrial rustic concepts, we mix and match these two concepts and still include a modern touch so that the booth concept and product concept become a unified brand.

We use materials ranging from wood, wire mesh, concrete wall textures, plants to add a comfy feel and are equipped with supergraphic stickers that tell the story of how delicious Di-kebabin is. We want to emphasize the premium kebab brand yet still approachable for everyone.