Godwin Tools

Godwin Tools is an Indonesian brand of various carpentry, machinery, technical and industry tools using modern technological innovation.

The Story

Carpentry is one of the most roles or trades in the construction industry. To keep up with the new era, carpentry equipment must also suits the purpose, durability, portability, and quality to make the brand top ranked. That’s why Godwin, a name that reflects modern carpentry tools, aims to become the leading supplier to facilitate the carpentry necessity in a modern way.

To create harmony for the overall concept, we designed a supergraphic using the main color palette consisting of a modern colors – bright blue and yellow that applied on the packaging, media, and tool products. Inspired by the philosophy of Godwin’s founder who firmly holds Fengshui principles, the graphic is dominated by graphic that leads to right upper direction, representing a bright and sustainable future.

Project Scope: Logo, Supergraphic, Uniform, and Packaging