Harum Maranggi

Harum Maranggi comes up with a good idea in combining traditional food with modern concepts in today's F&B business trends. Their main menu item is the famous satay maranggi from the Purwakarta region in Indonesia, and it has gone viral among foodies, young people and families alike.

The Story

The word ‘Harum’ means aromatic, while ‘Maranggi’ is taken from the name of the dish: Maranggi Satay. The brand’s name implies that they offers a dish of Maranggi satay with appetizing aroma. It is conveyed through the graphics in the shape of leaves, representing the spices used to bring out the aroma. For the brand’s mascott, we illustrated the influencers behind the brand: Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni as well as their son as a modern family figures who still love to eat local food, especially satay. This concept is in accordance with the idea of Harum Maranggi who wants to inspire the younger generation to continue to preserve traditional food.

Considering satay’s impression as traditional and ordinary food, we thought of a fresh and fun touch that can be highlighted through simply-unique graphics taken from the shape of skewers arranged into batik patterns, and playful typography to reinforce the concept of fusion food that Harum Maranggi carries.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Johanna, Rudi, Erika
Account Executive: Claudia

Booth & Environment

Can you imagine eating satay in a cozy place? This challenged us to create an interior concept for Harum Maranggi that is contemporary and cafe-like, but does not leave the traditional side of satay food which is synonymous with warmth and simplicity.

While the brand’s visual is designed in a modern look, we still want to keep satay’s heritage side in the dine-in outlets. This atmosphere is made happen by the wooden decorations set similarly to those of Javanese traditional houses.