Peptipro is a health product made using peptide technology with natural substances. Taking inspiration from the Tibetan traditional medicine philosophy, their product developed to help people to balancing the body and mind naturally.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designer: Johanna
Account Executive: Dita

The Story

As a brand of health product, Peptipro believes that looking young is not supposed to be achieved in fast and instant manner. They want to educate people that ageless youth can be found when balance of body, soul, and mind work well. Peptipro needed their brand to show a story of the traditional medicine created by tribe in the highland of Tibet. The Tibetan treatment guides the healing of the entire body, as all systems in the body are interconnected. That's why Peptipro approaches balanced repurpose of body and mind. An interesting challenge for us to relate the philosophy to be an illustration of a profound meaning.

We decided to take an aerial view of the Tibetan highlands as Peptipro key visual that communicated throughout the brand. The uniquely dark green we chose as the dominant color indicates an improvement in quality of life and health as a result of consuming the product.

The Brand Identity visualize a combination between a walnut strip that forms a primary ingredient of Peptipro, and a leaf representing a natural product. In the infusion, there is a synergy line created from the benefits of Peptipro to Tibetan traditional philosophy. We add a luxury touch through modernized elegant Tibetan script that exude prestige and sophistication.