Senclair is the first titanium greblon marble cookware in Indonesia built with German technology. Presented in elegant design, Senclair makes the cooking experience even more special.

The Story

Senclair understands that using a healthy and non-toxic cookware is a kitchen’s must-have. They then invent each material’s safety, durability, and performance to keep the quality of their products always in a steady state. Senclair’s goal is to be the option for modern families to upgrade their lives.

Just as their slogan “Upgrade Lives”, we need something that can demonstrate quality of life towards the next level. We use Gold Foil stamping technique to show prosperity, and variety of brown to symbolize stability and warmth. This combination is displayed on logo with an elegant and modern classic concept.

To balance out this modern and elegant side, we make use of a uniquely beautiful soft pastel palette color on Senclair packaging series. Series of graphic and typography were added to highlight Senclair's brand character: classy, urban and feminine.