Sincere Foods

Created by a holistic nutrition doctor and a chef, Sincere Foods Spread provides healthier alternatives to modern fast-paced lifestyle. Carrying the tagline "ecological happiness", Sincere believes that diet can affects our health tremendously, and that it will have the best possible effect of happiness.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Rudi, Johanna
Account Executive: Claudia

The Story

The illustration depicts a story where happy farmers are obtaining their harvests in good condition. We connected it with Sincere’s background story which emphasizes on raw materials from local organic agriculture. We also brought the impression of artisan using hand drawn illustrations to point out that the spread products are natural without added preservatives. The hand drawn illustrative style also applied to the logo that has crooks and textures on its edges. The leaves logogram helps to convey a natural impression of the brand's overall appearance.

We seek to highlight Indonesia's diverse natural resources by choosing a cheerful color on each raw material. It contrasts to the label's color to give the impression of happiness on the variety of spread products.

Although we created the series of illustrations, we maintained the white space area to keep the design modern and clean. The clean look is meant to represent Sincere’s “clean” formulation process in producing the food spread products, which results in health benefits for their customers.