Spellbound Charm

Spellbound Charm is an online cosmetic shop that sells high-end cosmetics for every woman who wants confidence.

The Story

Mysterious, interesting and astonishing. Beauty is not born since every woman does have the ability to shape up themselves, like an ugly duck turning into a beautiful swan through passion and effort. Spellbound Charm believe that each of us has its own beauty.

Beauty is personal, but it’s also universal. Spellbound Charm provides a variety of cosmetics for each woman’s skintone, look, and her style. So women can be themselves. Carrying out “The Ugly Duckling” as the basic concept, Spellbound Charm wants to increase the self-confidence that all women are created to be beautiful.

With the mission of offering all women the best of quality, efficacy and safety cosmetics to make them feel more special. Spellbound Charm also supports women who haven’t used good make-up so they can improve their skills to enhance their value.